Top 6 Podcasts Accounting Leaders Should Listen To Today

December 13, 2019 Theresa Rex

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These days, it seems there's a podcast for every niche interest and obscure topic you can think of, all just waiting to be downloaded for a more bearable commute, workout or laundry day. You can get your true crime fix, collect history trivia or learn things you didn't even know that you didn't know about the humble pen. Whether you're looking to be informed or entertained, a little digging will uncover the perfect podcast for you, and that goes double for anyone hoping to endure the rush hour traffic with a little professional development. Below you will find what we think are the best and most informative accounting podcasts.

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Podcasts that focus on your industry, field or role are a great way to get into a motivated headspace before you start the workday, and accounting leaders have their pick of some pretty good productions. Here are the podcasts accounting leaders should be listening to.

The Best Accounting Podcasts for Accountants, Controllers and CFOs

Here are our picks for the best podcasts to subscribe to for accounting professionals. See one that catches your eye? Click on it to go straight to the synopsis and listening link.

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CFO Weekly - The Best Accounting Podcast for F&A Professionals

Hosted by our very own Megan Weis, VP & General Manager of FAO Services, the award-winning CFO Weekly delves into the topics that financial leaders need to build an efficient accounting team so they can focus on strategy and business growth. Winner of the Stevie® 2020 Gold in the "Best Business Podcast" category in the International Business Awards, CFO Weekly invites finance leaders to speak to Weis about what matters to them.  As the role of the CFO changes to include long-term performance-driver, all-knowing technology expert and full-company strategic guide, more and more accounting leaders are left overwhelmed. Join us as we talk to CFOs, Controllers and other industry veterans who share their expertise on how to streamline accounting processes, create established efficiency and move to a data-driven model, allowing you to tackle what matters.

Best Accounting Practices with Steve Bragg

A lot of CPA and author Steve Bragg's episodes are just 7 to 12 minutes long and cover exactly what the podcast's name suggests: accounting best practices. Don't let the length of the episodes or lack of a flashy name put you off, however: the show manages to make each segment information-dense without being boring or dry. Steve covers everything from detecting fraud to hiring new employees, industry-specific process definitions and even leadership strategy. There are nearly 300 episodes and a diverse range of topics, so if you have ten minutes to spare you can use it to learn something you didn't know before.

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CFO Thought Leader

This podcast and its accompanying blog zero in on CFO specifics. Each episode highlights the professional and sometimes personal history of a CFO and gives them a platform to share the triumphs, failures and moments of growth that have informed the way they lead. A lesson that continues to surface across interviews? The idea that successful financial leadership requires an understanding of "what to stop doing". Financial leaders from all manner of industry join host Jack Sweeney for about an hour every week with their personal accounts and lessons learned, so this one's perfect for listening to on a long commute or a quick flight.

MarketScale Radio

The best way to describe MarketScale Radio is as a B2B deep dive, and an engaging one, at that. The company keeps a constant broadcast going (you can listen live at any time) that covers everything from morning headlines to marketplace trends, all in the B2B space. Not to be missed are the engaging interviews with thought leaders from a diverse industry list for hot takes and insights on topics like Accountancy, Startups and "The Space Economy" (yes, as in outer space). Most interviews and episodic content clocks in at just under a half-hour, which is great for a mini lunch-and-learn at the office.

Best accounting podcasts

Listen: CFO Mike Murphy's Podcast on Doing More With Less at MarketScale 

The Xero Hour

The Xero Hour is actually a series of podcasts you should subscribe to from the cloud-based ERP Xero. Our favorite is Xero Gravity with Elizabeth Ü, a full 96-episode spread that features guests that brought their big ideas to fruition. It's a perfect mix of actionable advice from financial industry leadership and broad motivational concepts. A special two-part episode follows entrepreneur John McAvoy on his professional journey that includes stops in a British prison and the renowned Iron Man triathlon, for instance.

Ü and Xero stopped running the series in 2017 but with nearly 100 45-minute episodes, there's plenty of content there to get you through all of the travel you have slated for 2020.

HBR Ideacast

When you need to zoom out a little, take in a podcast episode from the biggest name in thought leadership, the Harvard Business Review. You'll certainly find financial thought leadership among the over 700 episodes the publication has been releasing since 2014, but you'll also be able to take the overall temperature of the economy with a broader view from all corners of the business world.

If you're looking for other excellent podcasts for accountants and finance professionals, you certainly have your pick of much more than our favorite five, but these ought to get you started as you head out for holiday travel and head into the new year.


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