Personiv Manila Sends Out a 'Symbol of Hope' with Mount Taal Relief Activities

March 10, 2022 Richa Goel

Personiv Giving Back - Taal

Three days ago, the Philippines officially downgraded the alert associated with the erupting Taal volcano to a 3 out of 5. The volcano's alert had been sitting at a 4 out of 5 ever since it began to erupt on January 12. The team at Personiv Manila has been diligently ramping up its efforts to give back from the very beginning, and they have no plans to stop.

Mount Taal Relief Activities

TaalA: A Donation of Hope – features a portmanteau of the name of the volcano whose eruption has affected 375 thousand people and caused over $60 Million in damages and "tala", which means "bright star", and is a symbol of hope – is the name the Personiv Manila team has given to this quarter's "Being Human" activity.

Donation of HopeThese activities are usually performed once a quarter, but TaalA is a little different: it will involve ongoing donations, fundraising and awareness activities performed once a month through the end of March. The extended timeline is largely due to the sheer immensity of the eruption's far-reaching impact, according to Personiv Manila's Operations Head Darwin Dogayo.

Already the team has gathered in-kind donations that will cover the basic necessities for those affected by the eruptions, including food, blankets and much-needed toiletries. They will donate these items, along with funds raised with an on-site variety store where employees can purchase those same types of goods for a personal donation on January 31. The month's activities will wrap with the ongoing 'What Gives You Hope?' chalkboard, a space for employees to express their own wishes in the aftermath of the eruption and raise awareness for the ongoing relief efforts.

Taal Relief

In February, the proceeds from the site's usual monthly employee engagement activities – which will include a movie night and Valentine's auction – will be combined with an onsite secondhand market. Managers will donate gently used items to the market and all proceeds will go directly to the CSR fund. In March, an art sale featuring masterpieces from Manila FTEs and open mic night will round out the site's fundraising efforts and help Personiv make good on its promise to give back to the communities where we work and live.

Our dedication to "Being Human" is endemic to our cultural pillars here at Personiv. We couldn't be prouder of the members of our team who work hard day in and day out in Manila -- not just for our clients, but for their fellow Filipinos during this challenging time.

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