Finance & Accounting Solutions Fact Sheet

How Much Effort & Time Does Your Business Dedicate to Non-Essential Tasks? - Finance & Accounting Fact Sheet

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) is a gamechanger and the way that we offer it is unique. Start with a team as large (or small) as you need to get the accounting tasks off your plate. From day one, Personiv works in tandem with your transition team to deliver a comprehensive onboarding experience that keeps you in control every step of the way. Download our finance & accounting solutions fact sheet to learn more about our finance and accounting solution.

It all begins with a customized go-live plan that centers your priorities and facilitates a smooth transition while respecting your processes and safeguarding your information. Your management team remains with you from start-to-finish; ensuring a consistent point of advocacy and a reliable steward of your organization’s goals.

finance & accounting solutions fact sheet

We deliver results using your technology – or ours. There’s no costly proprietary software to purchase when you partner with Personiv. If you’re happy with your accounting platform, we’re happy to help make it work harder for you. If you’re ready to update your technology, our partnership with #1 ERP NetSuite can bring your reporting into the cloud.

In terms of tech, be it Quickbooks, Xero, Acumatica, SAP or good-old-fashioned Excel, we meet you where you already are.

Check out our collateral to get an overview of all our solutions.

Find out what a customized FAO solution can do for you by scheduling a free consultation.

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