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Learn how companies around the globe use our people-powered services to enhance their operations and augment their capabilities.

  • Outsourced Accounting Efficiency In the Logistics Industry

    Outsourced Accounting Efficiency In the Logistics Industry

    The client was looking to do more with less. They were beset by excessive turnover among high-cost resources, as well as extremely inefficient processes. We stepped in to garner accounting success.

  • [Client Spotlight] Personiv + Localsearch - Customer Experience1:02

    [Client Spotlight] Personiv + Localsearch - Customer Experience

    Find out why shared values like customer experience and doing the right thing make Australia-based LocalSearch and Personiv a perfect partnership.

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  • [Client Spotlight] Personiv + Lamar Graphics - Creative Services1:02

    [Client Spotlight] Personiv + Lamar Graphics - Creative Services

    Find out why Lamar trusts Personiv to work as a part of their graphic-design team and gives Personiv 12 percent of their work each year, while experiencing the same or better quality.

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  • [Client Spotlight] Personiv + Thryv1:55

    [Client Spotlight] Personiv + Thryv

    Personiv has worked with Thryv for decades, providing this top full-service media company with flexible BPO solutions across multiple areas of their business.

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  • [Case Study] Customer Experience

    [Case Study] Customer Experience

    The client was looking to increase outbound sales conversion for a new customer acquisitions campaign offering TV services. Campaign conversion was steady at 5.8%. All customer segments were yielding

  • Creative Services Case Study

    Creative Services Case Study

    In 2012, Lamar was seeking an outsourcing partner to help with steadily increasing creative demands in their Art Department. With consistent growth over 12 years, and their capacity to onboard new art

  • [Case Study] Sales Solutions

    [Case Study] Sales Solutions

    The client was looking to quickly double their outbound sales channel for new customer acquisitions in the US. With a current total capacity of 110 agents distributed among 15 vendors...

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