Employee Engagement: How to Keep Your Team Happy

October 20, 2017 Lydia Adams

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In today’s economy, keeping your team happy, onboard, and committed is more important than ever. But how do you keep employees truly engaged, happy and productive? It goes beyond snacks in the break room to ensure employee engagement strategies are in place. With only 29% of millennials feeling engaged in their company, there’s work to be done.

Read on to find out how to put to practice the best employee engagement strategies in place.

Training - Learning How to Keep Your Team Happy

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One of the best ways to keep your team invested in your business? Simple – invest in them. It might seem like a given, but by offering your employees ongoing training, you’re showing them that their skill-sets are valuable to the company, and that there is room for advancement. In addition to on-boarding, help them hone their professional skill set by offering them ongoing training. This can either be for brushing-up on current knowledge or learning new skills.


If you want your employees to engage with your business and enjoy coming to work each day, give them something to look forward to. Social events aren’t only a great incentive – they also give employees the opportunity to build relationships within their teams, further solidifying employee loyalty and a strong company culture. Try a larger summer outing or holiday party. And don’t forget regular theme days (think pajama Friday, Hawaiian shirt Monday, etc.) If you don’t have a ton of ideas, don’t worry. Get your employees involved in the planning, so you know they’ll enjoy the event.

Work-Life Balance - How to Keep Your Team Happy

How to keep your team happy

More than just a buzzword, work-life balance is a key way to show your employees you care. By offering employees time to take care of themselves and their families, you’re communicating that you’re committed to their wellbeing – both personally and within the workplace. This doesn’t necessarily mean offering unlimited vacation or work from home options – it can be as simple as giving your team a weekly window for any required medical appointments and allowing them time off to care for a sick child.

Reward Success

One of the key catalysts for employee disengagement is a lack of recognition. Non-recognition is the killer of productivity. For example, if your team completes a large project or launches a successful campaign, and their work is ignored, they are less likely to work that hard again in the future. On the other hand, recognizing success breeds more success. Employees like to know you care, and simple recognition goes along way. In fact, recognition in front of their peers can be as beneficial at boosting motivation and increasing employee engagement as cash rewards.


However you choose to engage employees, just remember, employee happiness is the best way to get great work out of your existing talent, and one of the top ways to build a skilled and productive workforce. Looking for more information on how to keep your team happy and retaining talent through employee engagement? Download our white paper for our best kept secrets on engaging your workforce.

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