Productivity Tips for Managers: Get More Out of Your Time

January 26, 2022 Lydia Adams

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We’ve all been there. Call it a distraction, writer’s block or frankly, boredom, and 30 minutes has flown by with nothing to show for it. A lack of productivity can be frustrating and can be caused by anything from being tired or overwhelmed to moody or unfocused. So, what can be done about these temporary spurts of inefficiency? Check out our productivity tips for all managers & entrepreneurs dealing with this all-too-common problem and get your groove back in no time at all.

Make a List

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I know. This step threatens to make you even more overwhelmed. But by placing all your to-dos in one place, they are out of your head and can be attacked one-by-one. Even if pen-and-paper is your thing, consider getting a task management tool online such as Todoist to keep all your responsibilities in one place and mark them for different days throughout the week.

Weight Tasks By Importance - Productivity Tips for Managers

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Since some items on your list come with built-in (and likely fast-approaching) deadlines, label those as most important and in the process give yourself a map to accomplishing your top projects in order. At this point, you can decide to knock-out some of the smaller, less time-consuming projects or go for the big ones.

Schedule a Meeting – With Yourself

How many days begin with the best intentions only to be relegated to hours of constant meetings, interruptions, and frustration? A great tip is to block out time on your calendar in one-to-two-hour segments just for you to work. Use this time to focus on your list and watch your productivity increase in the process.

Set the Tone

Too quiet? Turn on some Spotify. Too loud? Shut your door. However, you work best, create the environment that inspires focus and starts on those most important tasks. Regardless of whether you will finish today, starting them is what matters. And productivity produces more productivity.

Reward Yourself with Breaks - Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs

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If you’ve worked for a solid hour on an intensive project, give yourself a quick break. Walk around the office, grab a coffee or look at Facebook for a minute or two. By allowing yourself to break up the work, you’ll give your head a rest and can expect a boost of productivity afterward. Just be sure not to let your break run too long.


So there you have it. Our top tips for hacking your productivity and working efficiently. Curious how to make this happen for your team as well? Check out the blog: Keeping Your Team On-Track – How to Make Productivity a Priority.

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