Top 4 Signs You Need to Outsource Creative Services

October 6, 2017 Lydia Adams

employees collaborating on a projectCreative teams across the country find themselves in various scenarios in which outsourcing creative services provides the ultimate solution. By passing along part of the creative workload to a BPO, companies can streamline their operations and focus their new-found budget on other areas of their business. Types of services offered include print (advertisements, listings, billboards), brand identity and management (logo, social posts, etc.), websites and graphic design. Below are just four of the top signs that now’s the time to outsource part of your creative team.

1. You Need to Cut Costs

One of the biggest reasons that creative companies choose to outsource is that they need to cut costs to remain competitive. With the increase in digital (websites, digital advertising, etc.) the print industry is declining, and competition is on the rise. By outsourcing creative services, you can lower your costs, remain competitive and invest your savings in growth opportunities.

2. Your Company is Growing

Whether it’s acquisitions, mergers or organic growth, when your company grows, so do your needs. As a senior leader, this means hiring more designers, increasing your team, and often, your work load. Some businesses take this as an opportunity to outsource a portion of their creative work so they can focus on their growth strategy and spend time working more closely with their clients.

outsourced creative services

3. You Need to Increase Production

Perhaps you’ve added a new client recently, or your current client-base wants to expand. No matter the reason, when your need to increase production, and fast, you need a scalable solution. This is where outsourcing comes in. With a creative services BPO, clients are able to add designers and increase production, while saving money at the same time.

4. Your Internal Team is Overwhelmed

You have a marvelous team in place, but they are overwhelmed, overworked and generally stressed. This can lead to mistakes, or worse, loss of key talent. Outsourcing your creative gives your team the help they need to succeed, the time to think creatively and the freedom to focus on what matters.


Outsourcing your creative is great in these and many other situations, but whether it’s the right choice for you is a point you need to carefully consider. Check out our latest white paper for everything you need to know about outsourcing creative services.

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