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December 16, 2021 Lydia Adams

marketing team implementing what they learned in brand awareness guide

Why do organizations need to become more community-focused? If you're thinking about elevating brand awareness to the next level you might find the answer to this question in our 3-step guide to be surprising.

Doing business means more than simply providing products or services to people. Companies have to embrace the idea of positively supporting and engaging with their communities. And social media platforms are the number one tool that can broadly help increase brand awareness.

Ami Myrland is the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at the Capitol Bank, a locally-owned financial institution from Madison, Wisconsin. Ami is passionate about the banking industry. As CFO, she oversees accounting, finance, IT, HR, facilities, and project management at the Capitol Bank. In today's episode, she discusses her experience as a CFO and how she's been leveraging LinkedIn as a business development tool.

In this episode, we discuss why businesses need to focus on communities, how to leverage LinkedIn to develop your brand and how a CFO can build a successful working relationship with the CMO to increase brand awareness.

3-Step Guide for Business Leaders Looking to Build Brand Awareness

Focusing on Community

cfo helping build brand awareness by focusing on community

The Capitol Bank has a strong focus on serving their communities. They have established partnerships with businesses, individuals, and over forty nonprofit organizations in their area. As businesses become more community-centered, a CFO has to become more strategic, open, and conscious about different roles within the organizations and the customers they serve. They also need to have an educational component.

''It's not your classic CFO job description of going out and doing some sales and business development. But it's something that I enjoy. And getting the opportunity to pair the classic CFO of working with the passion of being out in the community allowed me to fulfill everything I am.''

Leveraging LinkedIn to Build the Brand - Brand Awareness Guide

Brand awareness quote

Ami successfully uses LinkedIn to develop a positive brand for the Capitol Bank. LinkedIn is a platform that allows them to highlight community engagement positively and the connections they're making. Ami's LinkedIn strategy includes: consistent quality content, highlighting and tagging other people, and using relevant hashtags.

''You come to a community bank for a relationship. And when you're working with anyone here at the bank, you know with whom you're working.''

Combining the Finance & Marketing Efforts

Ami Myrland Quote

The CFO role and a CMO role or the marketing director role can complement one another and work together. A CFO needs to think about brand reputation and recognition and align the company's strategies, goals, and messages to the brand while staying true to the organization's identity. Moreover, a CFO and a CMO can build a more open and direct line of communication.

''Your brand is more than just the logo on your building. It shows up in your board materials, in your financials, on your website, in social media, and in your culture. Your brand is embedded into who you are as an organization.''

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