Personiv Donates $10K to Miracle Foundation, Benefitting Children in India

September 3, 2020 Mimi Torrignton

The donation will help the Austin-based foundation provide for orphans with the goal of placing them in a forever home.

Personiv, an award-winning business process outsourcing (BPO) provider headquartered in Austin, Texas, has donated $10K to their partner, Miracle Foundation to help orphans in India, staying true to their values of giving back while the pandemic increases the needs of vulnerable children that the non-profit serves in one of the countries where Personiv teams live and work.

"It's important that we don't lose sight of our values during this pandemic,” David Lesniak, CEO of Personiv said of the recent donation. “For Personiv, we will always come back to our three pillars: A Focus on Quality, A Focus on People, and a Focus on Giving Back. Together, they function as a compass within our organization, allowing us to continually challenge ourselves to not only provide exceptional services to our clients but to go beyond our business to make an impactful difference.”

Personiv + Miracle Foundation's Ongoing Partnership

Personiv has been an ongoing partner to the Miracle Foundation since their first ‘Trek for a Cause’ in spring 2019 when nine of their executive team members climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, with the full team reaching the summit of 19,341 feet while raising $20K for the foundation. And later, in fall 2019, nearly 50 team members came together to trek in the Himalayas, once again benefitting the children of the Miracle Foundation with another $5K donation and solidifying the two organizations’ shared values including giving back in India, where Personiv currently employs nearly 2,000 team members.

Making A Global Difference

"This is a challenging time for all – and even more so for the most vulnerable,” Anne Broyles, Director of Global Development at Miracle Foundation said. “With the generous gift from Personiv, children can continue to receive services and education remotely. Thank you Personiv for your commitment to giving back to the communities where you work. Miracle looks forward to a continued partnership for years to come."

The Miracle Foundation empowers orphans and vulnerable children to reach their full potential. They believe that all children are entitled to an education, nutrition, health and protection. Part of their work this year will include delivering virtual education solutions to students who need it most.

About Personiv

For more than three decades, Personiv has been the partner businesses trust to develop and implement customized outsourcing solutions for everything from customer experience and back office to finance and accounting and digital. Austin, Texas-based Personiv provides flexible, scalable people-powered solutions that deliver high-impact, high-quality results at half the cost. For more information, visit

About Miracle Foundation

Miracle Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas that supports orphans to have a better quality of life while bringing about sustainable change that reduces the need for orphanages.

For the past 20 years, Miracle Foundation has improved the lives of more than 15,000 children and impacted almost 300 orphanages. Their proven Thrive Scale™ methodology is based on the UN Rights of the Child and leverages data and technology to ensure that orphaned and vulnerable children reach their full potential.

Miracle Foundation is part of a global network of non-profit organizations leading the worldwide movement to end the need for orphanages by 2040. For more information, visit

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