Flexible, Trusted Partnership: Thryv + Personiv

Successful Outsourcing Partnership Case Study

Thryv had been outsourcing with a well-known, leading India-based business process outsourcing company for over 10 years, but they needed a partner who would offer flexible solutions that would scale with them. Learn all about our successful outsourcing partnership in this case study.

The business process outsourcing service company was using hard rigid processes and contracts that did not provide the type of partnership they were seeking for the next phase of the company.

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Scaling Back-Office Teams

Enter Personiv. With a 35-year history of innovating outsourcing solutions, the flexible and scalable capabilities of Personiv allowed Thryv to grow using an outsourcing model on their terms.

“The efficiencies and cost-savings we’ve realized with Personiv have allowed us to reinvest capital in our business to grow teams and new lines of services for our SMB customers,” John Wholey, EVP - Thryv said.

Spinning up programs with as few as two Personiv team members, the partnership quickly grew to a ramp-up of 700 full-time employees (FTEs) within one year. Personiv works with Thryv on the following services.

Back Office Solutions:

  • Data entry and reporting,

  • Ecommerce transaction support

  • Call monitoring & reporting

Digital Solutions:

  • Print ads and directory book pagination

  • Website design

  • Business listings management

  • Social media support

Contact Center Solutions:

  • Sales support

  • Lead generation

  • Customer service

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