We Are ‘One Personiv’: How 50 Employees Spread Across the Globe Came Together to Give Back

January 27, 2022 Theresa Rex

Personiv trek for a cause 2.0

When you’re a global company, finding ways to foster cohesion isn’t always an easy prospect. It takes dedicated leadership and a set of values that prioritizes unification to create a company culture that spans four countries and multiple time zones. Every year, however, Personiv tackles this challenge head on by looking to one of our core cultural pillars: Giving Back. Read on to learn how employees from around the world give back to their communities.

Our annual ‘Trek for a Cause’ has taken us from the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro to the Indian Himalayas as part of our effort not just to come together as one company but to do a little something we like to call “Being Human” by raising money for a cause that makes an impact in the community where we work and live.


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The Austin, Texas-based non-profit Miracle Foundation works to advocate for some of the most vulnerable people in those communities: orphaned children and children who have been separated from loving but impoverished families. Our mountain treks don’t just allow us the rare opportunity to meet in person instead of over e-mail and video conference, they allow us to work together as one to raise money for and bring awareness to an entity that works to give those children loving families, a safe place to live and thrive and a voice.

The first Trek for a Cause took Personiv’s executive team to Mount Kiliminjaro where all nine members of the executive team successfully summitted while raising $20,000 for charity. Trek for a cause 2.0 saw a much larger team of fifty hike for three days over the beautiful Hampta Pass in the Himalayas with a fundraising goal of $5,000.

Far away from full e-mail inboxes, growing to-do lists and even the barest internet connection, we were afforded the opportunity to meet in an environment few ever see: the breathtaking pass that cuts through the Pir Panjal range with the Veo Dibba and Indrasan mountain peaks towering far above us on either side. In many cases, teammates who met just days earlier ended up offering a helping hand during a river crossing or a leg up on a slick glacier high up on the emerald mountainside.

Our team members hiked, camped and ate together over the course of three days. Some of us were meeting for the very first time. We spoke English, or Hindi, or Tamil or Filipino. A few of us had undertaken a hike like this one before with varying rates of success. Some of us had never “hiked” on terrain any more challenging than our own city blocks. We talked shop sometimes, and swapped stories about our families back home in other moments. This trek required our team to support each other and help one another out whether meeting for the first or fiftieth time and gave us all the opportunity to work together in ways we otherwise wouldn’t be able to from our respective continents and offices.

And for every way our teammates' backgrounds differentiated from one another, we found something every single one of us had in common: all of us valued the opportunity to come together for a cause we care about and to forge deeper working and personal connections with one another. And when it came time to hold our “One Personiv” banner at the summit of the pass, we were as humbled for the opportunity as we were proud of the accomplishment.

Employees giving back to their communities

This is How 50 Employees Across the Globe Came Together to Give Back For a Noble Cause

If you’d like to learn more about the work Miracle Foundation does for the communities we live and work in and donate to Trek for a Cause 2.0, please visit our fundraising page.

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