Find the Best Outsourced Accounting Company With This Vendor Comparison Worksheet

February 3, 2022 Theresa Rex

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This year, Personiv rolled out two new tools to help you choose the best outsourced accounting company. The first – an interactive calculator that makes it easy to see how much you can expect to spend on an offshore accounting solution – was designed to make the process of comparing outsourcing costs transparent and fast and in real time. The second – a list of 79 questions finance leaders can ask potential outsourcing vendors – should allow you to cut through the noise and get the information you really need to choose the best outsourced accounting company.

We built both around the most common questions we get from prospective clients looking for financial services before they become our long-term partners, and now we've added a third tool to simplify the process of vetting finance and accounting and reduce the time it takes to enjoy the cost and efficiency savings that will make a real impact for your organization.

The Outsourced Accounting Vendor Comparison Spreadsheet can be used in conjunction with our other interactive tools, or on its own to create a side-by-side snapshot of accounting systems providers so you can compare apples to apples. The excel workbook is fully editable and because we understand that your time is valuable, you'll find key information about& Personiv's minimum hiring commitments, ISO Certifications, accounting software & technology capabilities and pricing structure prefilled with links to more information directly within the document.

outsourced accounting vendor comparison

Compare Finance and Accounting Providers by Using This Spreadsheet to Find the Best Outsourced Accounting Company

Business leadership team comparing outsourcers

  • Streamline the comparison process with objective, transparent information for a more informed decision

  • Simplify the creation of a vendor shortlist with a resource that allows for customizable, at-a-glance review

  • Provide an aid to decision-making units in demonstrating the value of a chosen outsourced accounting provider to key stakeholders and colleagues

Please feel free to download, modify and add to this workbook as you see fit.

We understand that as you look for the best outsourced accounting provider for your cost containment requirements, time is as valuable a resource as money. We've worked hard to make sure you have as much information at your disposal about Personiv without needing to chase down a quote or navigate a maze of frustrating forms. Our outsourced accounting services are fully customizable, however, so we're always available to answer your questions, supply additional information and learn more about your accounting department and organization's specific goals. You'll even find the contact information for a member of our Client Services team from directly within the spreadsheet so you can talk to a real person – not a contact form or automated answering system.


Personiv helps accounting firms and busy finance leaders unlock new efficiencies and save up to 75 percent of their current finance and accounting day to day costs with scalable solutions that are built around their organization's needs and deployed with a growth-minded agility that delivers results fast. That's the foundation we built this tool on, collecting insights and drawing on our client's experiences with sourcing, evaluating and selecting an outsourced accounting provider. We want to hear what you have to say, too. Whether you're looking to contain costs, fill talent gaps, combat burnout, an accounts receivable or accounts payable solution, improve your processes, financial reporting, cash flow, CFO services, cloud based accounting, or improve efficiency, you have our full attention. Get in touch today to get started.

Not quite ready to compare vendors or evaluate costs just yet? We know that changing to an outsourced accounting function strategy can be overwhelming at first. There isn’t a lot of great info out there on how it works, where to begin and what it really looks like in practice available to business owners. Here is a list of several articles, white papers, reports and more to get you started.

[White Paper] Lean Accounting Teams: How Organizations Can Achieve Optimal Efficiency Through Outsourcing - Lean Accounting White Paper

This white paper is the top guide to the outsourced accounting model that has opened up new opportunities for small businesses and organizations of all sizes to increase efficiency, combat burnout and see up to 75 percent cost savings in their finance departments.

Get the White Paper

[ARTICLE] Outsourced Accounting With A Team Of One: How FAO Has Evolved

Looking at how you can save with outsourcing by offshoring just a few accounting professionals (maybe just one)? This is the resource for you. Find out how outsourcing has evolved to include a remote team member who works on your schedule while saving you half on U.S. labor costs.

Read the Article

[REPORT] Destination Manila: Why Outsource F&A to the Philippines

This report dives deep into the top destination for finance and accounting professional services outsourcing—the Philippines. Find out why the Filipino workforce is so well-suited to working for U.S. clients (GAAP-compliant, similar culture, excellent language skills and more).

Download the Report

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