Professional Development in Accounting: Ways to Drive Your Learning Process

January 26, 2022 Lydia Adams

Accountant learning new skills

With a new year, comes new goals—and new opportunities to learn. For many individuals, career development and training are a large part of their professional yearly goals. Although workplaces are getting better at making training part of their company culture, some are still lacking in driving employee growth. The solution to professional development in accounting is to take hold of your training and make it happen. Have you thought about the best ways to drive your learning for personal growth?

Here are four ways that you can take charge of your learning process and ensure personal growth.

Try Something New

employees learning new skills during break

Think about something you’ve been wanting to learn for a long time. Maybe you’d like to learn how to code, try out a new design program or, just become a better leader. From there, make a goal and stick to it. Research ways to make your goal a reality. If it requires approval from your supervisor, come to her or him with a plan and reasons why an investment in your training will pay off.

Use Technology for Professional Development in the Accounting Department

Professional Development in Accounting

The opportunities for training are out there; all you have to do is look. Your company may already have a system in place with training videos ready for you to peruse. If not, try or another tech platform that curates training videos. Even YouTube can be a good place to start. Consider using an app like RescueTime, which tracks your continuing education hours, sets reminders and offers discounts on training.

Set Reminders

You may fear that in about two months, you’ll forget all about these goals. It happens to the best of us. One way to avoid this is to set calendar alerts/appointments that will remind you of the end goal. Set time apart to focus on learning, research conferences or watch an instructional video. By prioritizing your learning, you’ll win big in the end.

Follow Through - Professional Development in Accounting

Bookkeeper specialist following through her learning process for professional development

Once you’ve got your plan in place, technology sorted and reminders set, all that’s left is to learn. Don’t let tasks get in the way of professional development and make sure this year will be your best. Good luck!


Whether your goal is to network, learn a new skill or professional growth, you’ll work more efficiently by pushing professional development higher on your to-do list. For more articles on management, leadership and more, sign up for our e-newsletter delivered monthly, directly to your inbox.

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