The Keys to Successful Outsourcing

May 25, 2017 Lydia Adams

Whether you’ve been outsourcing for years or are just looking into your options, carrying on a successful outsourcing relationship takes time, dedication and commitment—from both you and the provider. But there are some ways to make outsourcing easier from the start. Below, we’ve outlined some of the most vital components of a successful outsourcing arrangement.

Don’t Outsource to Just Anybody

If you plan to outsource, it’s important to make sure that saving money isn’t your only consideration. Yes, the top reason to outsource in many situations is to boost profitability, however, you need to make sure that quality won’t take a hit. The number one rule to protect quality while outsourcing is to choose a partner who keeps you involved and informed. Experience doesn’t hurt either. Look for a company that has expertise in your needs, and don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials from previous clients and samples of work.

Do the Math

Picking the best outsourcing provider helps guarantee quality, but does it still provide savings? Before you enter into an outsourcing agreement, you need to do the math. How much money will you save outsourcing versus building the infrastructure and providing the service in-house? What about the software systems and hardware costs? Most experienced outsourcing partners can break down the costs to help you evaluate if you’re getting the best value.

Forge a Real Partnership

From the start, view your outsourcing provider as an extension of your team. Work with them to outline goals, expectations and desired communication. When building your program overseas, become a part of the process, meet the new FTEs and get involved in training new employees. Once the program has begun, communicate frequently with your account manager to have a pulse on what’s happening. And let the provider know right away if there is anything that doesn’t fit your agreed-upon expectations.

Group of people brainstorming about the keys to successful outsourcing

Mind the Scope

Somewhere down the line, you may be looking to scale operations further with your current outsourcing provider. To ensure a smooth transition, plan ahead for expansion and make sure your provider can keep up. They’ll need to be flexible and nimble enough to scale up depending on your needs and offer the types of services you might be looking to fill in the future.


The keys to outsourcing a pretty simple, but if there’s one word that sums it up, it’s “partnership”. Building a long-term relationship with your outsourcing vendor will ensure that everything from quality and cost to scope and customer satisfaction will fall in place for long-term success. Find out more about Personiv’s outsourcing solutions by checking out our solutions page.

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