This Was 2020: Personiv's Year in Review

February 3, 2022 Theresa Rex

2020 was a lot of things, but boring definitely wasn't one of them. Learn about all of our highlights in a short and digestible manner in our 2020 company year in review below.

We do our best here on the blog to keep you up-to-date with current events here at Personiv. Sometimes our highlights end up categorized under News, while other times we're lucky enough to share something significant in the site's Awards sections. Occasionally, we'll even share something important to us as a company right here in the main feed: it's a system that helps keep everything neat and tidy.

Let's face it, though: sometimes, it's just nice to have everything in one place, especially when there's a lot going on. And there was definitely a lot going on in 2020. So today, we're using this space to share our 2020 company year in review as it gets a little smaller in the rearview. Read on to see our biggest moments of 2020, in no particular order.

Personiv Became a Member of The eClerx Family - Starting Off Our 2020 Company Year in Review With the Major News

personiv - eclerx company year in review

On December 23, 2020, we were proud to announce that we joined forces with eClerx, a global leader in business transformation when the company acquired Personiv. We're excited to add our over 2,000 employees to their 8,500 talented team members and can't wait to see what we can do when we're over 11,500 people strong.

So, what makes eClerx and Personiv such a great fit? According to a press release from eClerx announcing the acquisition:

"eClerx and Personiv’s aligned cultures of focusing on people, quality, clients and giving back through ongoing corporate citizenship provide a strong foundation for long-term strategic growth in the sectors they jointly serve while positioning them as leaders in business process management solutions across a variety of industries."

You can head over to our News section to read the entire press release.

We Introduced Our Podcast, CFO Weekly...

personiv company - cfo weekly podcast - Year in review

On May 26, 2020, the first ever episode of our finance-leader focused podcast, CFO Weekly aired on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and podcast platforms everywhere. Since then, we've released 31 episodes and talked to CFOs, Controllers and Finance Leaders spanning industries from Publishing and Retail to Accountancy and Healthcare for a combined 14 hours of airtime. That's a lot of expertise for a podcast yet to turn a year old!

Add CFO Weekly to your heavy rotation on Apple Podcasts or be a part of the conversation by becoming a guest on the podcast yourself.

...Which Won Personiv One of FOUR Awards - 2020 Company Year in Review

personiv 2020 awards

Our brand-new podcast was such a hit that it brought home gold in the Stevie® International Business Awards (as Best Business Podcast) on September 14, 2020.

One anonymous judge on the panel responsible for determining the winner had high praise for what they heard, saying, "As a non-accountant, I tend not to be excited by the subject, but this podcast brings the subject alive, in providing content useful to any businessperson," said one anonymous judge, who noted that in assessing the entry they "... went down the rabbit hole of wonderful content."

But that's just one of the accolades we were proud to announce in 2020. Others include a spot on Inc.'s 2020 list of Best Workplaces, another gold Stevie® for our VP of Marketing and Communications — Lydia Adams — and a coveted CII National 5S Excellence Award in India. We were also honored for our company culture at home by the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

You can take a look at our "virtual trophy case" over at the Awards section of the site to explore the details of each of our 2020 accolades.

Our New Website Went Live...

personiv company launched new website - year in review

On July 24, 2020, we got to roll out the changes we'd been making to our website behind the scenes. Personiv's online home is now easier to navigate than ever with a clean aesthetic, better mobile responsiveness and a chat function so our visitors can get the information they need when they need it.

Among the new features and improvements you can expect to find on the website are a series of seamlessly designed pages outlining the services and solutions Personiv has spent more than 35 years perfecting, and a one-stop hub for job seekers hoping to grow their careers with an organization that's been recognized as a "Best Of" workplace by both Inc. and

We think it turned out great, but we would love to hear your thoughts on the changes we made.

... With Lots of Helpful New Tools!

Personiv tools - yearly recap

One of the changes we're most excited about is our expanded resource library. Our online insights section has always featured helpful goodies like White Papers, Reports and eBooks, but now you'll have access to goodies like:

And much, much more. There's something for everyone now, so whether you're just starting to learn about outsourcing or you're ready to switch providers, you'll find a helpful resource in our library.

Where We Worked Changed...

Personiv covid response for health & security

March 2020 threw the entire world for a loop, and we were reminded of just how valuable "People Power" can be when our amazing team banded together to make sure we didn't have to miss a beat for our clients while looking out for the health and safety of our incredible talent. It wasn't easy, but there's no other team in the world we'd rather have done it with.

And with a little help via Webinar from Personiv's friend — and Pantera Press' founder — Ali Green, we made it through as #OnePersoniv knowing that it's not where you work from, it's who you work with. Even if you've been working from home for a while, Ali's on-demand webinar is definitely worth watching.

...But Our Commitment to Giving Back Didn't

personiv company charity - year in review

Nothing -- not even a paradigm shift in the way the world works -- could get in the way of the commitment we have to doing the most possible good in the communities we work and live in. In September 2020, that included a $10K donation to our charitable partner Miracle Foundation. In October 2020, it meant 240 computers to create technology labs for 15,000 students in India. And each and every year, it means renewing our commitment to our communities by simply #BeingHuman — whether from across the globe or six feet away.

This is all a part of one of our three cultural pillars: A Focus On Giving Back. You can learn a lot more about why we wove this commitment to community right into our core values and always see what social initiatives we're focusing on when you visit the Giving Back section of our website.

Personiv Has a Favorite Part of 2020: Our People - This Was Our Company Year in Review

people of personiv company - our recap year in review

Want to know what the best part of 2020 was for us?

People. No matter what the upcoming year has in store for us, people will be the best part of it, too. We'll have the same answer every year, no matter what it looks like. It's the people that go all in for us every day as members of our global team. It's the people we partner with in client relationships. It's the people we'll meet as we join the eClerx family in 2021. And it's people like you.

So don't be a stranger. Let's talk today.

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