Why Do Companies Outsource?

December 8, 2017 Lydia Adams

dice with green backgroundAll companies are looking to grow and become the best in their core competencies. Unfortunately, all companies also face the same needs in order to scale, whether its HR, accounting, marketing or customer care. With competition so fierce, it can become impossible to keep up with these important, yet non-core responsibilities. As a result, many companies turn to outsourcing providers so they can focus on what matters most to their bottom line.

Here’s the top reasons that companies choose to outsource in today’s economic climate.

Save Money

This one might seem obvious but saving money is one of the top reasons that outsourcing clients choose to go with a provider. Many clients choose to reinvest that money back into their business. Whether it’s to build a new program, hire a key player or invest in new technology, outsourcing gives clients the opportunity to use the 50-70% savings into something that will actually grow the business.

Gain Time

With so many priorities, company leaders often feel pulled in a million different directions. This can lead to not only lost time but low efficiency and muddled focus as well. By choosing an outsourcing partner dedicated to non-core tasks, companies are able to spend time on strategy rather than execution and growth instead of putting out fires.

Achieve Scale

Fast growth is typically a goal of outsourcing clients. Many desire scale, but don’t want to wait. This is where outsourcing comes in. An outsourcing provider can put a dedicated team on necessary tasks so that companies don’t have to worry about the hiring and management process. Plus, larger teams at a lower cost mean more work gets done faster, allowing companies to scale more quickly.


If you’re interested in using outsourcing as a solution, find out everything you need to know by downloading our white paper, To BPO or Not to BPO: The Pros & Cons of Outsourcing Back Office Support.

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