Leveraging Real-Time Financial Data Software

January 4, 2022 Lydia Adams

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Terms like API, real-time financial data, blockchain, cryptocurrency, financial data software, and cloud-based business management are all part of today's market. With the right tools and expertise, organizations can leverage new opportunities and take their businesses to the next level. One of these tools is SoftLedger.

Benjamin Taylor, CEO and Co-Founder of SoftLedger, shares insights on what SoftLedger is, how it works, and new opportunities that businesses can use to manage their financial data in real-time.

In this episode, we discuss managing critical financial data, API-driven accounting, and real-time financials among other topics.

Perspectives on the CFO's Role

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CFOs continue to move toward serving as strategic advisors. A strong finance and accounting function gives a competitive advantage, and mature companies realize that.

''Organizations are generally more attuned to getting the importance of financial advice. And this is because companies with strong financial leadership do better, and they outperform their competitors.''

Managing Critical Financial Data

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SoftLedger is a software product that provides real-time visibility to critical financial data. Its cloud-native business management platform and APIs help organizations manage their distributed operations and assets. The product automates in real-time the manual work of configuring financial data.

''We deliberately built our platform to be general-purpose, carefully assessing every product feature and change to ensure that it will handle uncertainty.''

API-Driven Accounting

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API stands for application programming interface, a mechanism for using an application without the user interface. With blockchain technology, they will help to automate certain aspects of accounting. SoftLedger also has built-in specific functionalities for cryptocurrencies.

''We've prioritized what we think are the right features to stay general purpose and still stay as our mission of getting all of a company's financial data quickly into the hands of management.''

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