Personiv Announces Global Rebrand, Launches New Website

May 12, 2017 Lydia Adams

Personiv Website Launch

Personiv is proud to announce the launch of their new website, logo and brand identity as they build on a 30-year history, introduce new services and grow their business, evolving into an industry leader in the outsourcing and offshoring space.

The new brand identity reflects Personiv’s commitment to their clients, whose businesses span industries, verticals and size, and traverse business needs, from recruiting and customer support to creative and back office. Their new brand pillars (efficiency, quality, ingenuity, pride, service and confidence) now succinctly communicate their customer-centric approach and the future growth of the company.

New Website

“With our new website and brand, we are taking Personiv to the next level, while also finding even better ways to serve our clients through solutions that are nimble and results-oriented,” David Lesniak, CEO of Personiv said. “The new Personiv brand represents our focus on efficiency and underlines the difference that a three-decades-long history can make to clients seeking people-powered outsourcing solutions.”

The newly designed features a comprehensive education section where visitors can download white papers, case studies and view videos, as well as an enhanced solutions section highlighting their services in recruiting, creative services, customer engagement and back office.

“We hope that our site will become a place where clients and the public can come for detailed information on the industry and how outsourcing can provide profitability to U.S-based businesses,” Lesniak said. “Incorporating our new brand mark, colors and brand elements, we have created a destination for industry professionals and B2B companies, alike.”

Outsourcing new website

About Personiv

Efficiency with a 35-year history. Delivering more than just outsourcing, we focus on bringing efficiency through cost-effective solutions. From customer engagement to back office and recruiting to design, our team of skilled talent stands ready to complete projects with quality and confidence, allowing you to focus on goal-reaching strategic priorities. Visit for more information.

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