Personiv Mentioned in Forbes

March 10, 2022 Mimi Torrington

Mentioned in Forbes

We’re excited to be mentioned in the article “How To Find The Employee Benefits That You’ll Value Most” by William Aruda originally appearing in Forbes. The article delves into which benefits you should look for when taking a new job and why salary isn’t the only thing to consider.

“The first thing we usually think of when we consider switching jobs is salary. The second thing we usually consider is the intangible payoffs, like corporate culture, connections with our colleagues, or the quality of the work environment,” Aruda says.

Giving advice on weighing your benefits package, the article further suggests aligning the offer with your priorities.

Personiv Mentioned in Forbes

“Providing benefits is not cheap for employers, so when they do go the extra mile to offer an attractive benefits package, you know they are prioritizing employee satisfaction,” Aruda advises. “Personiv, which works with companies focused on building their teams, has found that ‘engagement skyrockets when employee benefits represent values that both employers and employees share.'”

As the article states, alignment of priorities is critical. The article references our ebook, Investing in Your People: Gain Workplace Efficiency by Focusing on the Needs of Your Team, which further discusses this need for employee investment in modern workplaces.

Featured in Forbes

With just 32% of U.S. employees feeling engaged at work, according to Gallup, clearly there’s a disconnect. Team members know the difference between authentic engagement and “corporate initiatives,” and keeping talent is key to maintaining customer satisfaction. In today’s market, investing in your team, keeping them happy and engaging with them the right way is more important than ever.

Make sure to read the original article in Forbes and get the ebook to discover how you can improve your employee investment and workplace efficiency in 2019, and never wonder if you’re doing employee investment “right” again.

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