Personiv Recognized as ‘Best Employer Brand’ of the Year

March 10, 2022 Mirza Alam

Best Employer Brand

We are pleased to announce that Personiv has received the Best Employer Brand of the Year Award at the Coimbatore Outsourcing Leadership Awards, held on May 25, 2019, in Coimbatore, India.

Best Employer Brand of the Year

“Winning the Best Employer Brand is a true reflection of our investment in our people. Our work to elevate our brand starts from within, as team members show their Personiv pride in the company, the quality of their work, our customers and the shared values that drive our success,” David Lesniak, CEO, said. “We are excited to continue in our mission of bringing people-powered solutions to businesses across the globe with a brand that is impactful, engaging and representative of who we are as a company.”

The Personiv brand is all about their people, which is exemplified through their tagline, People Powered Outsourcing and lived daily by their employees from the executive leadership down to the rank-and-file team members. The brand is a visual representation of their values, while their low attrition rates suggest that employees are strong supporters and brand ambassadors inside and outside the walls of the office.

“Winning this award really speaks to what our brand conveys through its bright colors, strong imagery, and approachable tone, and that is quality for the customer, pride in our work and the belief that nothing is as important as giving back,” Lydia Adams, VP of Marketing & Communications said. “It is incredible to see the work that we do being recognized on a global scale, and it’s times like these that I am truly ‘Personiv Proud.'”

Personiv officially rebranded in 2015, building on a 30-year history to reflect their commitment to their customers and their employees, which has proved to be a boon for the company, growing from 350 employees to the nearly 3,500 they boast today. The company has five site locations in four countries. Based in Austin, Texas, they deliver outsourced work out of India (Gurugram & Coimbatore), and Philippines (Manila) as well as have an office in Sydney, Australia.

Personiv - Best Employer

About Coimbatore Outsourcing Leadership

Outsourcing is entering a new age as different opportunities and demands are made by companies in pursuit of improved outcomes, lower costs and higher standards in a critically competitive environment. Trends like rural and impact sourcing, corporate social responsibility, crowdsourcing, the cloud, technology convergence, collaborative and strategic models, and governance have all impacted the way companies do business and the level of understanding the knowledge outsourcing professionals must have to be successful. With such perspective, the COIMBATORE OUTSOURCING LEADERSHIP AWARDS are organized. The award is a benchmark that recognizes exceptional leaders in the Outsourcing Industry.

About Personiv

Personiv provides quality outsourced services to companies around the world by developing key processes and systems designed to save time and money. From finance and accounting to digital and creative, their teams of highly skilled talent stand ready to complete projects with quality and confidence, allowing customers to focus on goal-reaching strategic priorities. With more than 35 years of experience, and site locations in four countries, Personiv hires, trains and retains top talent to provide customized, global solutions. For more information, visit

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The award was presented by WorldHRD Congress at the Coimbatore Leadership Awards in India.

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