Keeping Your Team Productivity on Track: How to Make Productivity a Priority

July 28, 2017 Lydia Adams

Woman presenting in a business meetingTeams large and small struggle with team productivity during the work day. Whether it’s social media, endless emails or good old fashion boredom, you may see your team slipping into distractions. As a leader, it can be tough as you notice your department’s to-do list growing and it seems like nothing is getting done. It happens. So how do you keep your team on task?

Follow our top five tips for making team productivity a priority.

1. Focused Distractions Enhance Team Productivity

It may seem counter-intuitive, but allowing time for focused distractions actually increases productivity. The fact is that distractions will pull away even your most dedicated workers. Instead of completely eliminating these pesky time-wasters, schedule opportunities for your team to let loose. Make sure that employees have sufficient breaks to clear their heads, look at their phones or just stare out into space. Knowing that they have a break coming up will make them more productive and give them something to look forward to.

2. An Engaging Work Environment Increases Team Productivity

Like scheduled breaks, scheduled employee engagement activities will provide motivation for your team to work harder. Maybe they know there is a half-day off coming up or a themed Friday. Perhaps a happy hour or on-site party will help move the needle of productivity. Whatever it is that motivates your team, make sure to provide that time to let off steam on a regular basis, so they will feel like hard work is rewarded.

3. Use Technology Tools Made for Team Productivity

There’s no shortage of task management systems available these days. Whether it’s a mobile app, online tool or both, these tech solutions can make the difference in your team. Tools like Slack, Trello or Todoist all have different features, and you can rest assured there’s one out there perfect for your team. Having all tasks laid out and being able to assign responsibility easily saves time, reduces meetings and reminds every member about deadlines. Try out several and get your team’s input on what works best, then stick with it. You’re sure to see a positive result.

4. Foster Trust in Management to Build Team Productivity

One of the biggest threats to productivity is a lack of trust between a manager and her team. By developing strong relationships, you can head off work disruptions before they start. Being in-tune with your team means that you can sense when maybe something is off with them, they are burnt out or need additional help. Communication is key to building a trusted partnership with your team and allowing productivity to flourish.

5. Plan to Prioritize & Sometimes, Fail – it’s Part of Team Productivity

Finally, do some conscious prioritization realizing that some days, weeks and months, you won’t be able to get it all done. Instead of looking at your to-do list with anxiety, purposefully push off tasks for later. Recognize that you won’t always make it to your productivity goals, and that’s OK. Giving yourself some wiggle room on what needs to be done eases the burden, and the whole team will feel more relaxed and ready to work towards achieving more.


As an outsourcer, productivity is our business – cutting costs and saving our customers time. And we’ve managed to get it down to a science. If you’re still having trouble getting things done, give us a call. We’d be happy to help.

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