Fall Focus: Managing Work-Life Balance When You’re Super Busy

August 24, 2018 Lydia Adams

business meeting about work-life balance in a lounge

Across the country, the school season has begun. And along with football games and pumpkin-spice lattes, you’re sure to see things start to get pretty hectic around the office in the next few months. From after-school activities to planning for the holidays, watch out because the crazy fall season starts now. So with family commitments and holiday planning, how do you keep your team (and, ahem…yourself) productive at work? Follow our top tips for managing a positive office work-life balance and make sure to get both you and your employees focused this fall.

Plan Ahead When Managing Work-Life Balance

There’s nothing more stressful than realizing that your project deadline is looming, you’re traveling next week, and oh wait – your child has an event this evening, and it starts in…30 minutes. Oops (no judgment here). To avoid situations such as these going forward, this season requires finesse in the planning department. Having your calendar ship-shape and up-to-date will help to keep all your work and family obligations clearly (and manageably) scheduled.

Be Adaptable

managing work-life balance

The problem often is that you can’t plan for everything, so flexibility is key. You may be thinking, “But what about the schedule?” The truth is that no matter how well you monitor your calendar, things are going to come up. The solution? Don’t fight it. When times are busy, you may have to choose which activity/project/emergency to ignore and which ones to attack. Use your best judgment and get done what you can.

Make a List

Whether you’re a pad-and-paper type, a white-boarder or even like to use an app to keep track of tasks, make sure that you are writing down what needs to be done and linking tasks to priorities and deadlines. Also, it never hurts to block out some time in your week just dedicated to planning. It’ll keep you organized and if you place it on your calendar, you can be sure the time isn’t taken up with meetings.

Take Care of Yourself - Managing Work-Life Balance

girl taking care of herself to manage work-life balance

It sounds trite, but if you aren’t sleeping, eating, exercising and getting a little time to yourself, you’re no good to anyone—whether that be your boss, your team or your family. So be sure to allow yourself time to unwind and relax. Take a walk, read, meditate. Do whatever it is that gets you feeling like yourself and the payoff in productivity may surprise you.


Good luck keeping productivity on track this fall with a positive work-life balance. For even more tips on bringing up the efficiency of your team, check out our post: Keeping Your Team on Track: Make Productivity a Priority.

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