Outsourcing Disruption to Grow & Expand With Evan Green

January 27, 2022 Mimi Torrignton

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Evan Green, Founder, and Chairman of Personiv, was invited as a guest at the Selling Disruption Show with Mark S.A. Smith to share his views on how outsourcing disruption can benefit businesses and boost their growth tenfold.

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Outsourcing According to Evan on the Selling Disruption Show Podcast

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Evan was always more of a service person than a product person. Way back in 1985, his work with an atomization and flow-sensing technologies company, where he was responsible for offshore prototype manufacturing, brought him to Southeast Asia. He was intrigued by data entry and data conversion projects being conducted from scratch, which were hot topics in those days as it was just the beginning of the information age. Evan thought this to be an excellent opportunity up for grabs. He left his current company and started his own venture in outsourcing with Personiv.

So far, Evan and his entire family have loved every bit of his journey in the outsourcing world.

Evan takes outsourcing as a business that can be reactive and proactive, and he is a fan of the latter. He had observed the big leaders of top worldwide companies, (Google, GM, IBM, etc.) taking proactive outsourcing to greater heights.

There’s a lot of financial reasons behind the growth of the outsourcing industry. It is a well-thought and well-planned decision to hire an outsourcing partner.

  • When you outsource you can avail the expertise of senior professionals without having to pay them full time.

  • Outsourcing help companies convert fixed costs into variable costs and eventually, the overall costs of hiring and retaining employees reduce significantly.

  • Be it sales, accounting, customer support, technology, network administration or compliances every company looks for cost savings. Especially for small- and medium-sized enterprises or new businesses who have just started their venture.

When asked about tackling the myriad of Outsourcing Client Requirements, Evan said:

It takes a well-planned strategy to serve a long list of clients, each having its own set of unique requirements. Personiv has always kept this in mind and devised customized solutions serving the diverse requirements of each customer. Outsourcing teams of Personiv act like an extended arm of our clients’ businesses.

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