Team Building Community Service: How Giving Back Pays Off

January 27, 2022 Mimi Torrington

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Giving back has become one of those catchphrases you hear more and more in our modern workplaces, but how does giving back actually affect organizations in the long run? Glad you asked, as we've come to learn ourselves that focusing on engaging team-building community service pays off in the long run.

Why Focus on Giving Back? Reasons to Start Team Building Community Service Efforts

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Many organizations want to give back to their communities but maybe haven’t had the time or been able to make the effort to add this key differentiator to their company culture. But they really should. Here’s why.

Besides the benefit of helping others, giving back can propel you in other areas — from increasing revenue to recruiting top talent. Being socially responsible is not only great for the bottom line but also boosts employee morale. Supporting a noble cause reaps more profits than just brand building or positioning a company as a reputable one.

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Create an Environment Where Employees Feel Engaged

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Employee Motivation and Enhanced Productivity

Employees prefer working in companies that have a name in the market for doing something good. If your company work toward initiatives that make your community a better place, it makes employees feel proud and motivates them to stick around for years to come. Employees tend to become more engaged, responsive and productive.

Quality Talent Acquisition & Retention

A company is as successful as the people working for it. Every organization desires to attract, hire and retain the best talent in the market. If a company is well-regarded for their work in the community, the brightest minds will be keen to join in.

Give Back & Watch Your Customers Roll in

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Expanded Range Of Your Potential Customer Market - Team building Community Service

When you are involved in corporate social responsibility initiatives, you become notable to your community, industry and yes, even potential customers. You are able to expand your network, gain new customers and do good at the same time. Why not?

Your Customers Feel Good About Working With You

Given the number of options customers have today, it becomes very difficult for them to stay loyal to a particular brand. However, we are all more inclined towards the virtuous. Allow your customers to feel good about doing business with you and they are more likely to stick around.

Customers Become Brand Advocates When They See Your Team Building Community Service Efforts

Positive customer testimonials are an amazing marketing tool that makes your brand be noticeable. When loyal customers rave about your brand, you’re automatically turned into a magnet for new customers.


You'll see great rewards by instituting a culture of giving back. Giving back is one of the three pillars of Personiv. Take a look at a few of our recent projects.

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