5 Best-Kept Secrets From Today's Most Successful CFOs

January 25, 2023 Sarah Dameron

From managing a role that's evolving all the time to leading multinational corporations through times of unprecedented change, the successful CFO and all other financial leaders do the work that stewards the assets of the world's working economies. It's a job that's largely done behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.

Yet, the CFO's viewpoint is a crucial one, and if you can flag a finance leader down long enough to share theirs, you'll often find that it's one worth magnifying. You'll also find that the CFO viewpoint is much more complex than just sharing the numbers. The CFO role now pushes the strategic vision of the companies they helm.

With this in mind, we’ve talked with 50-plus CFOs over the past year about everything from career progression and leadership to cost containment and remote work via our podcast, CFO Weekly.

Despite differences in age, location, industry, company size and more, we discovered some common themes, and more than a few “best-kept secrets”, from leaders who are thriving every day. Find out how the modern accounting landscape is changing and how you can beat your competition with our top 5 secrets of today’s CFOs.

successful CFO sitting at his office researching new opportunities

In this eBook for the successful CFO, we share expert opinions from top financial leaders in the industry on topics like:

  • Cost Containment in the Pandemic Era

  • The Talent Shortage in Accounting Today

  • Going Virtual, Automation & More

Simply click the download button above to get the full PDF (and all 5 secrets). Or, check out the podcast, and listen to all of our episodes. Our award-winning (Stevie® for 'Best Business Podcast') podcast delves into every topic you can imagine that affects financial leaders today. Check it out on Apple, Spotify or search for 'CFO Weekly' wherever you get your podcasts.

Still have questions? We love talking strategy with financial leaders. Drop us a line or open a chat window to your left, and we can discover if virtual accounting talent solutions could be a fit for your team.

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