Private Equity Playbook: How to Use Outsourcing to Win Big

Private Equity Playbook

To compete in the crowded private equity industry, you have to go in with a plan: one that capitalizes on the strengths of your team, considers the deal from every angle and continuously moves key players into position across and inside your portfolio.

To win, you have to execute your game plan with precision and agility – ready to switch gears if the tide starts to turn. In this playbook, you'll see our top five plays for streamlining the accounting functions of every portfolio company you own. It all starts with systematizing your portfolio company's process and the professionalization goes on from there.

Steps to Implementing Outsourced Accounting in Private Equity

#1: Systemize Your Portfolio Company's Accounting Process

Hire a reputable business process outsourcing company to make process systemization a byproduct of their onboarding process – not a focus of yours. Onboarding that leaves tackles weak spots and disparate processes will ensure silos give way to a well-documented, universal set of desktop procedures.

#2: Right-size Your Portfolio Company's Accounting Team

Make the most of your portfolio company's in-house talent by empowering their ownership of value-driven accounting tasks. If you have rework that's necessary but not business-critical, let skilled offshore talent take it on.

#3: Get Your Reporting Back on Track

Choose a virtual accounting provider that codifies KPIs into the initial service level agreement that delivers on-time, accurate reporting is a matter of contractual obligation. One provider means one deliverable, so you can deploy this play in multiple portfolio companies.

#4: Work Within Your Portfolio's Tech Stack

Stop fighting with your portfolio company's technology by bringing in a tech-agnostic business process outsourcing company. Providers that can work within your portfolio's existing technology can meet you where you already are, or help you update to new technology when you're ready.

#5: Implement Outsourcing Across Your Portfolio

Implement the same process across your entire portfolio for leaner deliverables and right-sized PC teams. Agile business process outsourcing companies can also eliminate re-implementation headaches in your buy-and-build strategy, for a winning track record exit after exit.

private equity playbook

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