Building Strategic Controller Dashboards: Essential KPIs

November 18, 2022 Theresa Rex

The Most Important KPIs for the Financial Controller

Controller setting up computer dashboard with the most important KPIs

There is no “universal” set of key performance indicators for controllers to track. Sure, you’ll find the core set of essentials that you’d expect for the role. Every controller will need to monitor accounting performance related to tax, compliance and month-end-close, for instance. On the other side of the coin are KPIs specific to a company’s industry and geographical location.

As the role evolves from the tactical to the strategic, controllers have added new KPIs to old standards to keep pace. Today’s controller will track progress toward improving employee engagement, increasing productivity, realizing returns on tech initiatives and beyond.

The potential combinations are endless, and the configurations are as dynamic as the organization they operate within — so to help with that, we’ve collected examples of KPIs that would be right at home on any strategic controller’s dashboard.

Download the full list above to discover which key performance indicators to keep at the ready.

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