Meet Gen Z: How to Lead the Newest Generation of Workers - eBook

Leading Gen Z Workers in the Workforce - eBook

A new generation is making its way out of the classroom and into the boardrooms, cubicles and coworking spaces that comprise the modern workplace. Born between 1997 and 2012, members of Gen Z are just beginning to lay the foundations of their careers. Leaders and managers will need to get up to speed on how to recruit, train and retain this unique group of job-seekers. The question is - are you ready to lead them (and your business) into the future? Get this eBook guide on how to lead and make an impact on Gen Z workers to find out how!

Inside you'll find everything you need to know about this new cohort of professionals:

  • Why it matters that they are the first true digital natives in the workplace

  • How they differ from your Gen Xers or even their older siblings, the millennials

  • How to attract their generation with top benefits, work-life balance and company culture (and why you absolutely should)

  • What you can expect to change as more generations learn from each other

Gen Z workers ebook

This guide is incredibly comprehensive, but you may want to read more. We've got your covered. As an employer of Gen Z-friendly workplaces across the globe, we've learned a thing or two about keeping these guys engaged.

We are passing that on to you via the advice of our own Paulo Cheung, EVP & Site Head - Manila, Philippines who leads over 700 employees, many who fall in Gen Z. Check out his advice on everything from perks to technology on our blog: Gen Z Is Entering The Workforce — Are You Ready For Them?

Share this eBook so other business leaders can shift gears for the future, and check out the blog HERE.

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