The Ultimate 30-60-90 Day Checklist for Corporate Controllers

June 1, 2023 Mimi Torrington

female financial controller checking items off list

financial controller checklist

As a new financial controller, you'll need a checklist for the path forward as you settle into your latest role and steward your new company through positive change and growth. Get started with The Ultimate 30-60-90 Day Plan for New Controllers.

30 Days: Discover & Learn

  • Know your new company's financial performance and processes inside and out

  • Lay the groundwork for strong relationships on your team

  • Become an SME on your company and industry

60 Days: Implement & Improve

  • Streamline financial processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs

  • Identify skills gaps on your team and decide how you'll fill them

  • Get the ball rolling on long-term projects and training

90 Days: Optimize & Accelerate

  • Evaluate your progress & present key findings to leadership

  • Increase process visibility to enable data-driven strategic decision-making

  • Drive transformation of finance from cost-center to value driver

Act, Anticipate & Answer

As a new financial controller, your ability to meet 30, 60 & 90-day objectives on this checklist will require the ability to "see around corners". Stay on top of your game when you:

  • ACT: Map out specific action items with measurable results for objectives at every stage

  • ANTICIPATE: Be proactive about potential obstacles you'll encounter, from skills gaps to spreadsheet spaghetti

  • ANSWER: Know how you'll clear those obstacles ahead of time so you can deploy contingencies right away

Collaborative Controllership with Personiv

On the road ahead, you'll need support to rise to the challenge of modern controllership. Personiv can help. With valuable resources for corporate controllers and their teams and tailor-made solutions with teams as small as one, start strong with Personiv.

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