[Infographic] Leading Gen Z in the Workplace

January 27, 2022 Theresa Rex

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Is your organization ready to deal with Gen Z in the workplace?

Did you know that Generation Z is entering the workplace now? This infographic details everything you need to know about managing gen Z in the workplace. Download the PDF version of how to deal with Gen Z in the workplace here.

Gen Z in the workplace Infographic

Meet Gen Z - And Everything You Need to Know About Managing Them in the Workplace

Gen Z is anyone born between: 1997-2012.

There are 60 million members of Gen Z in the American population.

01 - Gen Zs in the Digital World.

Gen Z is the first generation of true digital natives. The oldest members of Gen Z were 10 years old when Apple announced the first iPhone.

  • 93% of Gen Zs between the ages of 8-21 own a smartphone.

  • 3 out of 4 8-12-year-olds have one or more social media accounts of their own.

  • 60% use YouTube every single day.

  • 98% say that technology played a significant role in their formal education.

  • 52% of Gen Z say they are more confident in their tech prowess than their non-tech workplace skills.

  • 80% want a career that allows them to work with cutting edge tech.

  • 91% say that given two similar job offers, the kind of technology each employer used would be the deciding factor.

  • 77% said they would be willing to mentor an older coworker or colleague with less technological experience.

02 - Gen Zs on Race & Ethnicity

48% of American Gen Z's ethnic makeup isn't Caucasian, making it the most diverse generation to date.

As compared to Baby Boomers:

Gen Z:

  • 52% White

  • 25% Hispanic

  • 14% Black

  • 6% Asian

  • 4% Other

Baby Boomers:

  • 82% White

  • 4% Hispanic

  • 13% Black

  • 1% Asian

  • 1% Other

62% of Gen Z believes increasing racial and ethnic diversity is good for society.

As compared to: Millenials - 61% • Gen X - 52% • Boomers - 48%

  • 72% of Gen Z say they have friends that belong to a different racial or ethnic group than they do.

  • 65% think it's important to understand people who come from different backgrounds than they do.

  • 80% said that technology and automation would help eliminate bias and discrimination in the workplace.

  • 81% said that whether a company gave equal and fair treatment to all workers irrespective of gender, race, sexual orientation or gender expression was the most important factor in deciding whether to seek employment there.

For Gen Z, their career - 67% - or education level-63%- plays a bigger role in defining their identity than their race-30%-or gender-42%.

03 - Gen Zs Education & Career

Gen Z is finishing high school and enrolling in college at a higher rate than previous generations.

78% in 1986 - to 80% in 2017High School Graduates

44% in 1986 - to 59% in 2017 College Enrollment

But they are slower to enter the workforce than their parents and older siblings. In 2017, 58% of 19- to 21-year-olds had worked the previous calendar year.

80% in 1968

78% in 1986

58% in 2017

65% of Gen Z said that getting a college degree was "very important" to them.

28% said getting a graduate degree was an indicator of success.

As compared to:

19% - Millenials

11% Gen X

72% of Gen Zs said that it was important to have a successful career.

That's equal to the percentage of Zs that said it was important to have a career that gave them purpose.

In the workplace, professional development is the number one most sought-after aspect of a career, upward mobility was second and community was third.

  1. Professional Development

  2. Upward Mobility

  3. Community

Salary & compensation came in seventh.

47% of Gen Zs said they would prefer to work from home.

82% said that social media platforms can be a valuable workplace communication tool.


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Gen Z is here to change the workplace in more ways than we can think of. For starters, remote work is becoming the norm. Learn more about our remote solutions here.

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