[Infographic] 4 Ways eCommerce Merchants Can Use Outsourcing to Win

January 18, 2023 Mimi Torrignton

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eCommerce is the future of retail - Our Outsourcing for Merchants Infographic

Driven by strong consumer demand, eCommerce sales continue to grow, even more so due to sales such as ''Cyber Monday''. This, however, has posed a problem for many businesses managing an online store. Consider Cyber Monday: it's only 14 years old and it's already part of the consumer lexicon, and it's quickly eclipsing Black Friday for spending growth. Download our outsourcing for eCommerce merchants infographic below

Ecommerce Outsourcing Infographic

4 Ways Ecommerce Merchants Can Outsource To Win

Ecommerce is the future of retail. Consider Cyber Monday: it's only 14 years old and it's already part of the consumer lexicon, and it's quickly eclipsing Black Friday for spending growth. In 2019 consumers broke records with $7.9B in online sales before Monday even rolled around! That's a 14% hike. Keeping up means staying agile and lean. Here's how outsourcing can give you the edge.

Creative Digital Services and Online Marketing (Yep, Even Sem)

If you're just starting out, it's likely that creating and managing shop listings, working hard to rank and creating digital assets for your store takes up more time than you ever imagined. Find a BPO provider that can find a top-notch team to do it instead.

Find Skilled Accountants in a Competetive Market - eCommerce Outsourcing Infographic

You probably got into this business to sell a product or service that you're really passionate about -- not because closing the books and sifting through tax law while unfulfilled orders stack up is your idea of an adrenaline rush. Talent can be scarce and expensive, which makes outsourcing Finance & Accounting an easy call.

Reduce Back Office Drudgery

Outsourcing isn't just money saved -- it's time that grows exponentially when you stop doing necessary but ultimately value-neutral back office tasks like data entry, market research and expense reporting. BPO can move all of that to the back burner so you can get back to what you do best -- meeting consumer demand and offering new product lines.

Keep Your Customers Happy While You Grow

They're why you do this, and the more you have, the more you'll need to be there for them. They're your customers. A trustworthy BPO provider trains a team to treat your eCommerce venture as their own, and that includes delighting the customers that keep you in business.

Start With a Partner You Can Trust - The Contact Info is right Here in This eCommerce Outsourcing Infographic

Even when you're selling online, it's people that power your business. At Personiv, we specialize in people-powered solutions and have done just that for over 30 years. We think custom, not cookie-cutter, when we hire our talent. Take a look at what we offer, then give us a call so we can find your people-powered solution, too.


CX is revolutionizing the eCommerce industry, take a look at our "Tech-Driven CX Insights To Pair With Live Support To Delight Your Customers" series here

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