[Infographic] Why Outsource FAO to the Philippines?

July 23, 2020 Lydia Adams

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Check out our virtual accounting outsourcing in the Philippines infographic.

Philippines Accounting Outsourcing Infographic

Destination Manila - Philippines Outsourcing Infographic

Why Outsource to the Philippines

Population - 106 Million

Capital - Manila

Official Language Filipino & English

Currency - Philippine Peso, ₱ Approximate exchange rate: $1 USD: ₱50

Cultural Compatibility With the U.S.

Language - 92% Claim English as their second language

Industry - Home to nearly 850 BPO providers

Relationship - Approximately $27 billion In goods and services are exchanged

History - Decades spent as a U.S. Colony

Religion - 81% Identify as belonging to the Catholic religion

Cultural Values:

  • Family

  • Self-esteem

  • Faith

  • Hard Work

  • Flexible & Creative

An Educational & Professional Powerhouse Stats in Our Philippines Outsourcing Infographic

  • 242 Public Universities, 1,721 Private Universities

  • 500K New College Graduates join the workforce every year

  • 95.4% Employment Rate

  • 97.5% Literacy Rate

Your Best Bet for Fao

  •  8,325 CPAs In Manila alone

  • 600 Philippine institutes of higher education offer a BSc

  • In 2014, PICPA welcomed 1,643 new members. In 2016, they welcomed 8,216

  • Use of U.S. GAAP standards

  • Candidates Sitting for the CPA Exam:

  • 2010 - 302,200 in the U.S., 12,988 in the Philippines

  • 2016 - 102,320 in the U.S., 21,315 in the Philippines


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