Productivity Tips While Working From Home

January 23, 2023 Mimi Torrington

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Productivity tips while working from home infographic

Productivity Tips When Working From Home

Research shows that across the board, full-time workers spend just 2 hours and 23 minutes getting anything done. That’s bad news for the bottom line, considering that highly productive companies enjoy 30-50 percent higher operating margins than their competitors. It’s no wonder everyone from the intern pool all the way up to the C-suite consistently seeks out productivity tips, tricks and tools to get the job done, especially while working from home. Here are a few time management tips for making the most of the workday when you and your team are not in the office:

Create a Workspace You Can Walk Away From

  • Separating work from the rest of your life is key to avoiding burnout.

  • Use a private room as an office or find an area that can serve as a working-only space.

  • Keep it clutter-free. Studies show that a chaotic desk can add to your mental load and make you more likely to procrastinate.

Keep the Same Schedule Every Workday

  • Create a “commute” by preserving a block of transition time before you start your workday.

  • Spend time preparing mentally for the day’s work, and then get to it at a consistent time.

  • Disconnect at the end of the day and make sure to step away from “the office”.

Work Away From Home Once in Awhile - Productivity Tips

  • It’s useful to have a “third space” separate from your home office to recharge your creativity.

  • Maybe it’s the public library or your favorite coffee spot – go there to “reset” your headspace.

  • Jumpstart your productivity just by virtue of being someplace different.

Don’t Forget to Make Time to Eat, Sleep and Stretch Your Legs

  • If you’ve worked for a solid hour on an intensive project, reward yourself with a quick break.

  • Walk around the block, grab a coffee or catch up on your social and news feeds.

  • By allowing yourself a quick brain break, you can expect a boost of productivity.

Want even more ways to hack your team’s productivity along with more tips for managers? Check out our resource library. Or, if you’re one of the many leaders suddenly tasked with doing a lot more with less resources, discover how Personiv can help.

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