Abdul Gani Imtiaz, AVP - IT & GRC, Personiv Gurugram

November 18, 2019 Madhur Bhayana

Abdul Gani ImtiazFondly called as "Imtiaz" by his team and peers, Abdul joined Personiv in 2012 and since then his #PersonivProud journey has been quite eventful and rewarding. Often referred as a man with a cool demeanor, he handles complex situations with ease and is passionate about technology. A proud member of the Personiv Gurugram's family, Abdul prefers working behind the scenes and letting his work doing the talk.

Read on to know more about his 7+ years of being #PersonivProud.

Q&A With Abdul

In which role did you start your career and when?

I joined Personiv in the year 2012 as Manager - Application Development & Data Warehousing responsible for managing the custom application developments, telephony integration, business process automation, data ware housing, data consolidation & reporting projects for clients and various functions of the organization.

What is your current title and role?

Currently I am designated as AVP – Information Technology & GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) at Personiv Gurugram. From an IT perspective, I take care of entire Infrastructure and services consisting of managing enterprise applications, custom development, network connectivity & security, servers, data centre and telecom, IT operations & projects and supplier management.

As for my GRC accountabilities, I am responsible for providing oversight and direction to my GRC team for all their functional responsibilities, including supporting successful internal audits, meeting external compliance targets, ISO & PCI certifications and other regulatory activities.

How has been your journey within Personiv?

My Personiv journey is all about learnings, skill development and growth - personal and professional both. In this 7-year odyssey, I have made many good friends from whom I have learned so much and have had the pleasure to work under so many charismatic leaders. I consider myself fortunate to be amongst such a talented pool of inspiring and enthusiastic team members who are committed to providing excellence in their respective roles, each single working day. I am grateful to my leadership team for all the learning opportunities that came by way, which has only helped me to evolve and be more innovative in my approach. I am now more agile, tackle challenges head-on, and understand what success and failure means in life.

Why do you enjoy working at Personiv?

I love working at Personiv because of its fun-loving environment, focus on employee engagement initiatives and its commitment to celebrating people through meaningful Rewards and Recognition programs. It’s truly a people-powered organization that promotes a good work-life balance and this positive work environment promotes increased productivity and happiness quotient. For me, Happiness is Personiv!

What is the best thing about your job?

My job at Personiv has equipped me with everything to transform my dreams into reality. Every day comes with ample learning opportunities, which only makes me a better professional at the end of the day. My job responsibilities are exciting and at the same time challenging enough that keeps my interest and spirits high.

What makes you feel #PersonivProud?

The fact that Personiv is a result-oriented company comprising of some of the most intelligent minds in the industry working together to delivering great results. Also because of its people-powered approach where the senior leadership team is committed to providing constant support to its team members and maintaining a great organizational culture.

Something you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work, I like to spend time with family and playing with my daughter. I also take pleasure in accomplishing household chores.

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