Ippsita Pradhan, Director – Operations Support Group, Personiv Gurugram

October 7, 2019 Madhur Bhayana

Ippsita Pradhan, Director – Operations Support Group, Personiv Gurugram

Ippsita, fondly called as “Ippi” by her peers and teammates, is a people’s person. Her humble nature, commitment to job, passion for people and sharp focus on quality are just some of the attributes which make people look up to her.

Read on to know more about her 8+ years of being #PersonivProud

Q&A with Ippsita

In which role did you start your career and when?

I started with Personiv in the year 2011 as a front-line agent on a sales campaign. That was the beginning of a learning continuum. I couldn’t be more happier about that decision today 😊

What is your current title and role?

Currently, I am designated as 'Director – Operations Support Group.' Support group includes our key functions such as Quality & Training. Quality being one of the core pillars of Personiv and our focus, my role entails supporting strategies to ensure adherence to our client’s quality expectations. My role is also to ensure consistency in the delivery and application of training standards across the business and oversee the planning, prioritization, and development of new training programs and initiatives, ensuring that these programs and initiatives gel well with the overall strategy, objective, and need of the business.

How has been your journey within Personiv?

My journey with Personiv has been quite eventful and rewarding. As I introspect the last 8 years of my life, I feel glad to mention that I have grown as a person, personally as well as professionally. In fact, what’s more satisfying is to witness my peers and team members grow alongside. On the professional front, the circuit of learning has been constant without any pit stops. The knowledge I’ve acquired in the past 8+ years is a result of a learning-driven atmosphere that encourages you to discover/innovate on a continuous basis, and I am extremely grateful to Personiv for that.

Why do you enjoy working at Personiv?

It’s the Personiv’s culture – that’s what keeps me inspired to learn and grow every single day. The culture at Personiv isn’t just about having a set of vision and values on the wall. It’s about how we put others’ interest first, something we call #ServantLeadership. It’s about how we operate and make things happen as a team that makes all the difference. Knowing that tomorrow will bring new challenges that I'm ready to tackle – gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I am a proud Personite and enjoy my passion for my work.

What is the best thing about your job?

It’s a great feeling to work with the best of the minds and in an organization where every new idea is heard and nurtured. The challenge, opportunity and freedom to surpassing the norm is the best part of my job and this really builds an environment conducive for longevity. I am blessed to have a wonderful “Family” at my workplace that supports in multiple and magnificent ways.

What makes you feel #PersonivProud?

Every time when we invest in our people through various learning & development programs, our commitment to them and to our quality promise is reaffirmed. When we make even the smallest of the differences in people’s life through our ‘Being Human’ initiatives, we feel humbled.

The fact that as an organization we genuinely believe in our core values (People, Quality & Giving Back to Society) and experience it in our day-to-day lives is what makes me #PersonivProud.

Something you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work I spend most of my time playing and enjoying with my 3-year old boy. I also like creating art & craft collaterals 😊

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